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Laptop Repair

Are you searching a laptop repair center in Delhi areas like Vikaspuri, Janakpuri, Uttam Nagar, Moti Nagar, Kirti Nagar and Rajouri Garden than your search has been finished now because Laptop Repair Expert provides all branded laptops repair services in above areas at beatable price.

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We also provide laptop and computer keyboard repair and replace servies. If in your laptop keyboard some keys are not working and the locks of these keys have been missed by user than there is no chance to repair the laptop keyboard in that case we will need to replace the whole keyboard. If locks of these keys with you than it could be repaired so please donít lose the locks of your laptop keyboard.

Missing laptop Keys: we will replace the laptop keys if these are not functioning , we have some old laptop keyboards and we will put out these keys from old one and will replace in your keyboard.

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Keyboard Replace: If you are looking to replace the old keyboard with new one than we will replace the same in very good price with one year of warranty. We have taken the Dell laptop service center and in this center we will provide you all branded laptop keyboards with best valuable price.

Keyboard Brands: HP Keyboard, Dell, Lenovo, Toshiba Keyboards.

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laptop Adapter

AC Power Adapter:  That is big question in customer mind how they will find that his laptop adapter is dead or the problem is in laptop adapter or motherboard?
We will explain you how will you check the adapter?

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The adapter you can check by the electronic meter only. First you need to set the voltmeter in volt only, and if you are checking a 12 volt meter and it is showing 0 volt than definitely it has been died than this case you need to be replaced the adapter immediately.
If the plug of the adapter has damaged than you need to replace the plug and not complete adapter. Front pin problem in laptop adapter.

Hi I am looking the Dell 65 W original laptop adapter, what is the price of the original adapter in Moti Nagar Delhi. When I was checking the price of this adapter on the online website I found the price 755 but when I asked the price from laptop expert shop than they asked me 1250. What should I do I am in very confusion to purchase new adapter.
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Laptop Adapters: Buy Laptop Adapters, Chargers, and Power supplies: you can buy the laptop adapter on laptop expert website need to type the model of laptop than we will provide the same in half an hour.
Sony Vaio laptop adapter 19 V.

laptop screen repair in vikaspuri

Laptop Screen

Laptop Screen Repair:  laptop screen is an output device which displays the image generated video card. There are two types of laptop screens:
1. LCD Screen
2. LED screen
Laptop screen comes in different size based on the model and brand. For example HP has introduced many models of laptop which have the different sizes of screen.  All the new laptops are coming in market has the LED screens only because use the less battery or power that the old LCD screen.

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So the demand of paper LED has increased widely and LED manufacturing companied are taking big advantages from that. The cost of the original paper LED Screen is 5000 Rs and replacing charge etc.

 We are big dealer in laptop screen of any size and model you can purchase any making model on our shop many retailers purchase the screen from our center and take the higher charge from customers.

The main source of the data for LCD screen is backlight lamp and also known as CCFL bulb and for this CCFL light comes from the inverter.

Laptop Hinges Repair in Delhi

printer repair in kirti nagar

Printer Repair

Printer has a wide range of problem which irritates mostly the consumers; we are here to explain the problem and give the solutions as well so you can easily find out the problem in your printer and resolve them.
Some printers consume more inks and give very less prints the out quality of these printers flawed.
My Printer is not printing: I give the print command to my installed printer but it did not print and there is no message of paper jam or something. I have reinstalled the drivers but the same problem. Than I have tried to check with printer Expert in Kirti Nagar or Moti Nagar, they were asking after installed the printer you need to set as default the installed printer and then it will give the print.
If this problem did not resolve than we need to check the printer cable is correctly connected with your printer and laptop if there is a problem in printer cable then replace the cable alone.
Now some printers are coming the WIFI enabled than need to be sure that WIFI is on or not.



Laptop adapter repair in Patel nagar in delhi

Printer Inkjet Cartridge

Blank Paper is coming: I think your toner has been finished and you need to refill the toner again and after refill the ink toner than it will print the content on paper.
Some lines are coming on print paper: On all the print papers some horizontal line are coming and I have refilled the toner again but same problem is coming, you need to change the drum of the printer and if issues does not resolve then change the magnet also.

I have HP inkjet printer in which ink has been finished, should I refill the ink or purchase the new cartridge?
We will suggest you don’t purchase the new cartridge and refill the same the cost will be very less and it will work like a new ink cartridge and will more print than new one.

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Toner Refilling

Paper Jam error: when I am giving the printing command from my laptop than it is showing one message in the corner of my laptop that paper jam in printer, how will resolve the paper jam error from my printer?
Could really I do that with myself because I am not an expert in printer repair? Yes you can do this not a very big thing sometime what happened due to speed of the printer some paper jam inside and we need to remove these papers after that it will work, open the case of printer then you will find some papers jams inside remove then and close the case and give the command again all printouts after that.

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e-Laptop Care is a hub of laptop components it provide the services and components replacement with very reasonable price in Delhi. We have lunched our laptop service in 2000 in Delhi and near area. We have the team of laptop, printer, computer and cartridge refilling expert who provide onsite and offsite services. We could repair any brands with the latest launched by the companies.

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